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Supercar convoy for sports car enthusiasts with severe muscle wasting disease who started the YouTube channel “Traum” in Lockdown

A young motorsport enthusiast who screened during the pandemic has been a year since he started his YouTube channel “Dream”.

Shivam Nathwani has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which is severe muscle wasting, is a constant wheelchair user and requires a breathing apparatus.

During the pandemic, the 23-year-old’s illness meant he was at a higher risk of suffering severely from Covid-19, so he had to seek refuge in his family home in Birstall.

His brother Pritesh Nathwani, 33, told LeicestershireLive: “For my brother, the restrictions that came with the lockdown are just part of his daily life.

“But it was different with the shielding because he really had nowhere to go but the garden.”

Since he was diagnosed as a toddler, Shivam has lived much of his life in and outside of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

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Though stuck at home, Pritesh, his brother, said “being the inspirational and positive person he is” was not influenced by his mood.

“He’s had his bad days, like all of us, but he won’t let it get in the way of his goals and dreams,” said Pritesh.

A few weeks before the first national lockdown, Shivam, who is passionate about cars, started his own YouTube channel “The Shivam Review” to share his knowledge about them.

“Like every 23-year-old, he wants to build his social following and be the guy everyone knows.

“He wants to reach other young people and show them that anything is possible,” said Pritesh.

Pritesh Nathwani, 33, (right) said his brother was his inspiration.

During the lockdown, Shivam continued to work on his YouTube channel, sharing reviews of cars inspired by other reviewers he regularly watches online.

With the help of his brother, he also set up social media accounts to gain a foothold and has since been endorsed by dealerships like Tom Hartley in Derbyshire and Hillmoren in Markfield, who welcomed Shivam to their showrooms when the lockdown wore off.

Although Shivam was unable to leave the house, his “can-do” attitude kept him going and he recently marked a year since the launch of his YouTube channel.

His brother not only celebrated with his online followers, but also organized a special surprise for him.

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Pritesh arranged a supercar convoy last month to show up on his doorstep in Birstall.

“The smile on his face was just priceless. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for him,” said Pritesh.

The cars also stopped outside a local park where local children from the area had the opportunity to see them.

Pritesh hopes the surprise was the boost his younger brother needed to keep working on becoming a YouTube sensation.

You can subscribe to Shivam’s channel here.


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