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New homeowners will be forced to install an electric car charging station worth £ 800 under the 2022 rules

For every new house built starting this year, a charging station for electric cars must be installed in order to increase the demand for the new vehicles. The new rules apply to both residential and non-residential buildings, which will be built from scratch from the New Year.

“Driving the creation of high-quality, high-wage jobs as part of our mission to unite and rise across the country.”

Mashroom experts have warned landlords could benefit most from the changes.

They suggest that houses with cargo bays could become a “more desirable commodity” in the extra years.

Potential tenants could say “no” to apartments because they cannot charge their own car on site.

By charging overnight, drivers would also benefit from cheaper night rates, according to PodPoint.

This means that you can top up from as little as 2 pence per mile, which means massive savings on gasoline and diesel costs.

However, some have warned that the changes may not live up to promises.

Mark Harrison, head of dcbel UK, said: “It does not cover the existing UK housing stock which means 29 million homes are not included in the government’s plans.

“The question remains – does this policy go far enough?

“Only 123,000 houses were built in 2020, and while more are planned after COVID, the chances are this program will exacerbate the inequalities between the ‘possessed’ and the ‘have’ in the UK – those looking for new homes can afford, and who can not. “


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