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‘Priceless and irreplaceable’ wedding rings and designer watches stolen from lockers in David Lloyd’s dressing rooms in Eastbourne

Ian Bradley had his ring and watch stolen at the David Lloyd in Eastbourne this week. SUS-211028-140640001

Ian Bradley posted a pleading on Facebook on Tuesday (October 26) after the items were stolen from the fitness center in Hampden Park this afternoon.

He said: “Today at around 4pm my beloved wedding ring and watch were stolen from David Lloyd’s dressing rooms in Eastbourne. While I can live without the watch, the wedding ring is priceless and irreplaceable.

“If anyone can contribute to the outcome of their return, even if it’s just the ring, I’m happy to pay a reward. To say I’m devastated is an understatement.

Ian Bradley’s missing ring. SUS-211027-164956001

“Please don’t hesitate to share this post and help find this thieving piece of scum!”

Ian, who has been married to his wife Sonia for 26 years, said the couple had their matching rings custom made.

Speaking to Ian after sharing the news on Facebook, he said he hid the ring and Cartier watch in his shoes in a locker with a combination lock.

When he returned an hour later, he said the padlock was gone and the shoes – including jewelry and socks inside – had been taken.

Ian Bradley’s missing watch. SUS-211027-164946001

Ian said: “Someone knew where to go when they went into that locker. Someone must have seen me put the jewelry in my shoes because they didn’t take my car keys or my wallet.

“I panicked. I didn’t know what to do.”

Ian informed reception and Sussex Police of the theft, he was also in pawn shops and jewellers.

The news has been shared by hundreds of people since it was posted to Facebook.

Ish Roberts SUS-211029-110513001

He said: “I was so warmed by the response. I’m heartbroken, I feel so emotional about the whole thing. I have had this ring on my finger for 27 years and it cannot be replaced. I feel like a part of me is gone.

“I want to thank everyone who shared the post and sent me a message, it was really heartwarming.”

Ian’s post prompted Ish Roberts to share his experience at the same David Lloyd club six weeks ago.

Ish said he took a weekday tennis lesson at 2.30pm and when he used the sauna afterwards he put his £11,000 Rolex watch in a locker, again with a combination lock, just like Ian.

Ish Roberts’ watch was stolen. SUS-211029-110523001

When he came back after 20 minutes in the sauna he said the locker was open and the watch had been stolen. He said the locker also contained a Gucci wallet, Mercedes car keys and Balenciago shoes, but only the watch was stolen.

Ish said: “I felt like I was being watched.

“My heart goes out to Ian, I feel so sorry for him.”

In response to the incidents, a spokesman for David Lloyd said: “We take security very seriously and are sorry to hear that these two members have had valuables disappeared from our club in recent weeks.

“We are aware that members have reported the matter to the police and we will of course assist them in any investigation.

“We would like to reassure members that incidents of this nature are very rare, but would like to remind members to ensure all valuables are securely locked while using the club.”

Sussex CID reference numbers:

Ian Bradley- 47210185650

Isch Roberts – 47210162314


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