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Rebecca remembers a mishap at a fairytale wedding with Zied

Rebecca Parrott showed presence of mind on season eight of 90 Day Fiancé when she faced a major tragedy just before her wedding to Zied Hakimi.

While Zied Hakimi’s concerns about using Rebecca Parrott for a green card and money persist, that is 90 days fiance The couple will get married in episode 16. The TLC couple who started their journey on Season Two of 90 Day Fiancé: Prior to the 90 Days, many hurdles faced, ranging from cultural to trust issues, even though Zied made his way to America. His disinterest and the persuasion of Rebecca for an immediate wedding showed bright red flags, yet Zied’s purple suit seems to have blunted them all on D-Day. But 90-day fiancé Rebecca also dealt with a new tragedy when she said “yes” to Zied, which led to her fairy tale coming to an almost unhappy end.

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Former private investigator Rebecca revealed how she wanted a magical wedding in 90-day fiancé season 8. After Rebecca had previously married three times and was still unlucky in love, the pandemic threw a wrench into her plans. Zied suddenly remembered practicing Ramadan and Rebecca saw her ceremony speed up. But eventually the mother of three gave in to Zied’s demands when the couple decided to walk down the aisle at a quiet resort. Tunisian star Zied, who delighted 90-day fiancé with his glow, couldn’t take his eyes off Rebecca. However, Rebecca had to grapple with a major mishap before she could turn into Cinderella.

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A mistake by Rebecca had led her to play her own fairy godmother on her long-awaited wedding anniversary on the 90-day fiancé. While Zied was happy with a simple courthouse, he and Rebecca said her “I dos” at Forest Hills Mountain Resort, which also arranged a horse-drawn carriage for the 50-year-old bride. However, the shiny Rebecca had just saved a catastrophic fashion gaffe before she could get Zied to call her his “beautiful bride”. In an interview with Brides, Rebecca revealed that the wedding dress she stuffed into a suitcase in an earlier episode was actually a used one she’d bought online.

Since there were no stores open for the 90-day fiancé star to get her bridal clothes from, Rebecca focused on one that “didn’t fit!” However, an angry Rebecca took control of the situation by improvising the dress and wearing a corset over it. The stylish Zied agreed with his wife’s looks when he commented, “She’s so sexy in a dress,” and raved about being happy to have a woman like Rebecca in his life. So Rebecca’s presence of mind saved the madness on the wedding day, which could have appeared in an already turbulent season 8 of the 90-day fiancé.

The Georgia resident who currently works at Joella’s Roast Chicken was a PI on her former 90-day fiancé stint, putting tracking devices under people’s cars. Before that, Rebecca also worked as a motorcycle mechanic after teaching herself to drive and repair. Of course, reality TV star Rebecca had also tried her luck in Hollywood, where she played a member of Isla Fischer’s posse in Keeping Up with the Joneses. Now, with her foray into fashion styling, maybe the 90-day fiancé star and now wife Rebecca Hakimi can explore a whole new career.

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90 days fiance airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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