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The Polestar 5 Electric Car Will Be As Powerful As A Supercar

Described as a “high-performance electric 4-door GT with proper sports car credentials,” Polestar’s new electric vehicle is not playing around. Put your foot down and you’ll kick up a motor that is capable of producing a whopping 884 horsepower. A hefty 663 lb-ft of torque helps that horsepower meet the road and provides an impressive amount of towing power should you ever feel the need to attach a trailer to a sports sedan. The EV manufacturer claims performance has been increased by combining “strong electric motor engineering ability with advances in light-weight platform technology.”

As you may expect, Polestar’s higher-ups are pretty excited about the car their company has created. Pete Allen, Head of Polestar UK Research and Development described the vehicle as “a superb 4-door GT and a true Polestar at heart.” Chief Technology Officer and head of Research and Development Jörg Brandscheid claims the Polestar 5’s powertrain will be a “new brand benchmark in our high-performing cars,” and company CEO Thomas Ingenlath says the EV’s “progressive design and advanced engineering set the tone for Polestar’s future.”

No word on top speed or 0 to 60 mph times has been released yet, but attendees of the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​will get a glimpse of the Polestar 5’s performance capabilities when it goes live at the iconic Goodwood Hill between June 23 and 26.


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