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The wedding and funeral rules for England will change as of April 12 as part of the roadmap

Wedding and funeral rules in England will change starting Monday April 12th as part of the government roadmap.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty hosted the press conference on Downing Street today.

At the press conference at 10 Downing Street on Easter Monday at 5:00 p.m., the Prime Minister and Mr. Whitty, along with senior scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, confirmed that step two will come next week.

Funerals can continue from April 12th with up to 30 attendees as part of the step.

Weddings, outdoor receptions, and memorial services including guards can take place with up to 15 participants (in rooms that are allowed to be opened).

It is “important” that people accept the offer of a second vaccine dose to increase their protection against Covid-19, England’s chief medical officer said.

Professor Chris Whitty told a press conference on Downing Street Monday that data from across the UK showed an estimated 60% reduction in symptomatic disease among those vaccinated.

He added that hospital admissions were reduced by 80% for those who received their first dose.

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Prof. Whitty said: “That makes two points, one is that these vaccines are highly effective, and the other is that they are not fully effective.

“And it is absolutely essential, as the Prime Minister has said, that anyone who requests a second booster dose accepts this offer because it increases the level of protection and, almost certainly, the duration of protection.”


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