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Top 5 GTA Online supercars with great value for money

The GTA series may have one of the most extensive vehicle collections with a full lineage and manufacturing history. Rockstar goes to great lengths to provide players with an authentic automotive experience by giving them a wide variety of vehicles to choose from.

GTA Online in particular has a really insane variety of cars of all shapes and sizes and offers the player different kinds of uses. From classic muscle cars to trendy and devastatingly fast supercars, you can find almost anything you’re looking for in GTA Online.

Quite often, however, vehicles like supercars have a tendency to burn a hole in the player’s bank account and before they know it they are completely broke. To avoid this situation, players must choose cars that they “need” rather than those that they “want”.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the opinion of the author.

5 best GTA Online supercars with great value for money

# 5 – Grotti Cheetah

Price: $ 650,000

Anyone familiar with the Cheetah knows how much it has been a beloved car throughout the GTA series. In GTA Online, the cheetah may have been overshadowed by some of its faster brothers in class, but only a handful of them have the allure it has.

A real mainstay of the franchise, the Grotti Cheetah, is not only visually stunning, but also leaves other racing drivers on a straight in the dust. The Grotti Cheetah may not be the best racing car, but it is a decent buy with a few tweaks.

# 4 – Vapid Bullet

Price: $ 155,000

The price tag doesn’t do enough justice to the power that lies under the hood of the Vapid Bullet. The Vapid Bullet certainly isn’t the fastest car, but it’s a solid buy for beginners in the game who want to grapple with a supercar.

With a few upgrades, the Vapid Bullet can look devastatingly threatening and function as such. One of the cheapest cars in its class, the Vapid Bullet, should be a breeze for gamers looking to be frugal with their money in GTA Online.

3 – With Pegasso

Price: $ 440,000

Much like the Cheetah, the Infernus has always been a popular car in the GTA universe. Almost everyone who has played Vice City has fond memories of driving around in their Infernus and impressing pedestrians and other motorists with this beautiful machine.

The Infernus is one of the most widely used cars in GTA Online’s freemode. So if you just want to try one out, players can steal one of them. The Diamond Casino Parking Lot is a great choice for anyone who finds the Infernus.

# 2 – Grotti Turismo R.

Possibly one of the most visually stunning vehicles in the game, the Grotti Turismo R can hold its own against much more expensive cars. The Grotti Turismo R is certainly not cheap in and of itself, but it is simply one of the most balanced cars in its class.

While it might be a big buy for new players, the $ 500,000 veteran price tag in GTA Online is modest. The car can certainly offer players great value for money as it doesn’t exactly break the bank.

# 1 – Pegasus cow

Price: $ 240,000

The Pegassi Vacca is one of the most underrated cars in the supercar category in GTA Online and something new players might want to buy. Considering their money would be much better spent on an armored vehicle like the Kuruma, the Pegassi Vacca is still a decent vanity buy.

The price tag makes purchasing relatively easy as it does not delete the player’s bank account. The Pegassi Vacca is a decent first purchase for players in GTA Online looking to find their way around a flashy supercar.

Published 29 Apr 2021 13:28 IST

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