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Top Car YouTube Channels 2022: From Gaming To Actual Supercars and More!

Car YouTube channels can be quite entertaining and educational since they offer various content to help you learn more about your vehicle.

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After dropping off passengers at a Broadway play, Johan Nijman, a for-hire driver who runs his own service and also drives for Uber on the side, drives through the West Side of Manhattan on Wednesday evening.

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They cover exotic cars, car videos games, as well as auto mods. Now, here are some of the top car YouTube channels you can watch while at home.

Top Car YouTube Channels 2022

Luxury cars

MakeUseOf provides some of the best YouTube channels if you are into luxurious cars. Even if you can’t afford one, their videos will certainly entertain you as they go through different expensive vehicles.

Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro’s YT channel focuses on luxurious cars that don’t need lifetime savings. He reviews Ferrari, Bugatti, and other luxurious brands.


EVO Magazin’s official YouTube channel offers in-depth reviews of the most exotic cars across the globe. They provide detailed comparisons of different high-end supercars.

Entertaining Car YT Channels

Aside from luxurious cars, Car and Driver also provided some YouTube channels that offer funny car videos, such as driving fails and car gaming.

Matt’s Off Road Recovery

This YouTube channel is quite different from other car fail channels. Instead of focusing on funny videos, this Matt’s Off Road Recovery allows people to see what happens after a car is flipped over or becomes stranded in a desert.

Daily Driven Exotics Lifestyle

The DailyDriven Exotics Lifestyle is a YT channel that actually drives high-end or luxurious cars. The vloggers are composed of boys that just want to have some fun.

Jimmy Broadbent Sim Racing

Jimmy Broadbent is a professional racer that transitioned to game streaming. He uses his expertise in various video game driving content. Because of this, he was able to amass a large number of viewers and followers.

Other Car YT Channels

Aside from the mentioned YouTube car channels above, there are also other YT accounts you can follow that offer different content.

One of them is the AMMO NYC. This YT automotive channel focuses on car washes. What makes it quite popular is that it can clean so dirty vehicles.

Viewers can also watch how the YouTuber goes through different processes to give the car a brand-new look.

Meanwhile, you might as well check these other car YouTubers:

  • Gumbal Supercars (Focuses on supercars that have tons of horsepowers and other advanced features)
  • RegularCars (Focuses on old cars that are still worth buying. These include the 1997 Volvo 850, 1994 Nissan Altima, and other affordable old models)
  • Mighty Car Mods (Focuses on car do-it-yourself content. This means that the YouTube channel offers various videos about automotive customizations)

On Mar. 30, some rumors claimed that the new YouTube Podcasts platform would arrive soon.

Meanwhile, a new YouTube feature that allows users to share Snapchat directly to their contacts might arrive soon.

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