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Top stars’ best 2022 luxury car reveals

With Karim Benzema having flexed his Bugatti this week, here is a look at some of the fanciest luxury cars that past and present international footballers have revealed in 2022.

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Known to have an extremely rich and abundant car collection, Benzema took to his social media this week to show off his insane Bugatti Chiron. While it may not be the first Bugatti he has owned, the upgrade is quite an eye-catcher, although that is expected of cars in this unique bracket.

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However, the French striker is one of many players from abroad, retired and active, who haven’t been too shy to flaunt their fancy four-wheeled toys, as the likes of Ronaldinho, Alexandre Lacazette, Tammy Abraham and Steven Bergwijn have all revealed their expensive rides over the last three months.

Scroll through the gallery above to see some of the best luxury cars that have been flaunted in 2022 by international stars

The supercar gang!

Supercars are considered to be the creme de la creme of motor vehicles and it makes sense why footballers playing at the top level are drawn to such rides. With the exception of the Barcelona legend Ronaldinho, the stars on this list play for some of Europe’s top clubs and are on big-money salaries that afford them such quality.

The Brazilian icon, AS Roma forward Abraham and Tottenham Hotspur’s Bergwijn all showed out their Rolls Royces this year. Arsenal centre-forward Lacazette revealed his Ferrari, while his countryman Benzema also flaunted his blue McLaren.

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