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US farmers unconvinced in moving to electric cars quickly

The United States could make a big change: moving from gasoline-powered cars to electric cars. However, Biofuel Corporations and their supporters in Congress say “no”. You want to increase gasoline sales with biofuels and not leave them behind.

President Joe Biden has proposed a plan that will add billions of dollars to 500,000 electric car power plants. Money is also being spent on electrifying public cars and repairing the country’s electricity system. The plan is to copy relocations in California and a few other states to force electric car sales. General Motors recently announced that it would only manufacture electric cars by 2035.

In the US, however, the move from gasoline or biofuel cars to electric cars would be slow. That’s because there are currently 279 million non-electric cars. Biofuel manufacturers say their products will be needed for a long time.

The government’s plan for electric cars comes from the US working to reduce carbon emissions Emissions who are held responsible for climate change. The Environmental Protection Agency says cars on the road make up a large portion of US gas emissions from traffic.

The US also wants to compete in the global electric car market.

LMC Automotive is a research company that follows the automotive industry. It is predicted that more than 1 million electric cars will be sold in the US by 2023. The company says this will climb to over 4 million by 2030. However, this is less than a quarter of normal annual new car sales. Electric cars now account for less than 2 percent of new sales.

A recent study by Harvard and Tufts Universities found this to be the case Ethanol emits 46 percent less carbon than gasoline. Biofuel manufacturers say it is important that the country increase biofuel production.

Geoff Cooper is the director of the Renewable Fuels Association in St. Louis. He said using ethanol is an easy way to reduce carbon emissions and slow down climate change. Currently, normal gasoline is mixed with 10 percent ethanol. He wants that percentage to be changed to 15.

He said it will be many years before gas-powered cars disappear from American roads.

“Why not take action now to reduce the carbon intensity of these liquid fuels?” Said Cooper.

Every year US Refineries make more than 57 billion liters of ethanol and more than 5.7 billion liters of biodiesel. Almost 40 percent of the US corn crop is used for ethanol, and 30 percent of the soybeans are used to make biodiesel.

Four electric vehicle charging stations stand empty in a parking lot in Lawrence, Kan., Monday, April 5, 2021.

The two Republican US Senators from Iowa view the switch to electric cars as a threat to farmers, especially in Iowa.

Senator Charles Grassley said last fall that a plan by some Democrats to end gas-car sales by 2035 would hurt Iowa.

“This … would absolutely destroy Iowa’s economy because it is so dependent on agriculture and agriculture is so dependent on biofuels,” Grassley said.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst argues that the $ 7,500 tax break for Americans who buy electric cars usually goes to wealthy people in the eastern and western states. She says the tax credits help an industry that hurts farmers.

“I firmly believe that Iowa taxpayers shouldn’t be foundation the bill for millionaires to get a discount luxury Cars, ”says Ernst on her Senate website.

Many farmers see the switch to electric cars as a threat. They don’t believe state and federal officials will protect the rural economy.

“It’s like you’re almost helpless,” said Ed Wiederstein. He is a partially retired farmer near Audubon in western Iowa.

Over time, a switch to electric vehicles will likely force farmers to plant other crops, said Chad Hart. He is an agricultural economist from Iowa State University.

“Agriculture is always shift The crop mix matches the markets that offer the best opportunity,” he said.

I am Susan Shand.

The Associated Press reported the story. Susan Shand adapted it for learning English. Mario Ritter Jr. was the editor.


Words in this story

Biofuel – n. A fuel made from biological material such as wood, ethanol or vegetable oil

Emissions – n. the generation or emission of energy or gas from a source

Ethanol – n. some form of alcohol

refinery – n. A place where unwanted substances are removed from products such as oil or sugar

luxury – adj. something that is expensive and unnecessary

foot –V. (Idiom) to pay

shift – v. Moving or causing yourself to move to a different position

opportunity –N. a time or chance that something can be done

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