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Why do people put tin cans on wedding cars and how did the band tradition start?

Marriage is a centuries-old tradition that has millennia of history.

All over the world, different cultures celebrate their own customs and quirks when it comes to a wedding.


It is customary to decorate the wedding carImage Credit: Getty – Contributor

Why do people put tin cans on wedding cars?

Long gone are dowries and you hope the groom won’t have his stag done the night before the wedding.

But something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue is still going strong, as is tying tin cans to the back of a car.

You can tell when a couple has just tied the knot as their car is likely to say “just married” and a series of noisy cans will be attached to the back.

When Prince William and Kate Middleton married in 2011, the couple left Buckingham Palace in Prince Charles’ dark blue Aston Martin.

    Kate and William tied cans to the back of their car


Kate and William tied cans to the back of their carPhoto credit: PA: Press Association

Prince William drove his new bride through the mall in the car, the license plate number changed to “JU5T WED,” with balloons and tin cans pouring from behind.

Fans will have to wait and find out if Prince Harry will copy his brother at his upcoming wedding to Meghan Markle.

The practice of tying cans goes back to Egyptian times.

Back then, women were still the property of their fathers, and when a man and a woman got married it was customary for the father to hand his new son-in-law a pair of his daughter’s sandals.

This symbolized that she now belonged to him.

And the importance of shoes continued over the centuries, but people threw shoes at the bride and groom before evolving into shoes that were attached to the back of the car.

It is believed that this eventually changed to tin cans.

    Ribbons are also attached to the front of cars


Ribbons are also attached to the front of carsImage Credit: Getty – Contributor

H.How did the band tradition start?

When the bride and groom are on their way to their wedding, their car is likely to get quieter.

On the way to the event, it is customary to put ribbons on the hood, usually white or a light color.

The custom goes back to friends of the bride and groom who decorate the wedding bed with flowers and ribbons.


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Well-wishers would accompany the couple to their marriage bed and “embed” the newlyweds.

It was said that the crowd would not leave until the new husband and wife undressed and lay in bed together, symbolizing the importance of procreation.

Fortunately, new couples have no audience, but the decoration of the wedding car with ribbons is said to come from this ritual.

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