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Britain’s first drive-thru restaurant

A DANCER shared a video showing enjoying dinner at the first UK restaurant to drive through and eat in the car.

Vrishti Saxena filmed her experience of visiting Spice Village in Croydon, south London with her sister Trisha on Thursday.

The clip shows the 21-year-old and the 24-year-old Trisha in the restaurant where the registration is: “Welcome to Spice Village, Croydon, Drive in Dine experience.”

The video, titled “Going to the UK’s First Drive Through Restaurant,” shows siblings being given plates and cutlery in their car, followed by a custom table.

The glossy pink table fits the window on either side and goes right over the front seats.

The sisters then try pani puri – flavored water with crispy fried dough balls filled with potatoes or sweet chutney.

The girls then ordered some mocktails, including a fresh piña colada and minty virgin mojito.

Followed by juicy tandoori chicken wings, chana masala, with delicious lamb such kebabs and large, fluffy naan bread.

For the desert they had Gajar Ka Halwa, a sweet carrot-based dessert pudding from the Indian subcontinent.

The three-course meal brought back £ 60 for the girls – much like the cost of sitting in many restaurants.

The UK’s first drive-thru and dine-thru restaurant (c) Vrishti Saxena

Vrishti posted the clip on TikTok on Thursday and has already received over a million views.

Hundreds of followers commented on the clip and really wanted to try the unique restaurant.

@ powtowow123 said, “This was made for people with social anxiety.”

@evadallass said, “This looks really that good.”

@ lyd341 said, “Ok wait, this is so epic.”

@ chloe.mason added, “What if you need the bathroom and all the groceries on your lap.”

Spice Village states on their website: “Enjoy this unique UK drive-thru eat-in car experience.

Food and Drink News UKThe UK’s first drive-thru and dine-thru restaurant (c) Vrishti Saxena

“We have been working on this idea for several months in order to offer our customers a Covid-proof drive-thru eat-in car.

“We introduced a unique tray-style service and it took several tries to get the tray design right to fit in the windows of any car, small or large.

“Customers drive into our parking lot and order their meals using our contactless menus while they are sitting in their vehicles. Customers need to keep their front car windows open so waiters can slide these trays into their vehicles before serving their meals. “


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