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Car stolen in June tracked near Oldbury

A car stolen six months ago was recovered after being tracked down near Oldbury.

The Audi A3 was identified in the M6 ​​by the technology of automatic license plate recognition.

The vehicle was tracked on camera by the Central Motorway Police Group’s (CMPG) Regional Operations Center until officers working with West Midlands Police were able to safely stop the car at Junction 2 of the M5.

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CMPG’s stolen vehicle specialist identified the vehicle as stolen in June.

A tweet from CMPG on Monday at 11:54 pm said: “All about our considerable resources, that. #Anpr found this Audi A3 on the M6.

“Followed on camera by our regional operations center until we met @Trafficwmp from M5 J2 for a safe stop. Our specialist stolen vehicle inspector identified it as stolen in June.”

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