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CarShop drives omnichannel used car sales with the first express store in Leicester

The Sytner Group’s CarShop used car division has pushed ahead with its goal of delivering an omnichannel sales process with the opening of its new CarShop Express store in Leicester.

As a new concept for the auto supermarket group, the 15,000 square meter facility will open on May 1st, replacing a large display area with an inventory of hundreds of cars with the option to search the nationwide vehicle inventory online and have a selected model for pickup in brought the store.

A newly hired staff of 10 will also be available to guide car buyers through the sales process and facilitate parts replacement if necessary.

CarShop General Manager Nigel Hurley said, “We are excited to announce the opening of our very first express store and to be one of the first car dealers to take this step.

“The car purchase market is changing and more and more brands are looking for their online offerings, but we are confident in our omnichannel model.

“Putting the customer first and making sure they can buy their perfect car in the way they feel most comfortable is our number one priority – this could be in one of our larger showrooms where they can get the cars up close and see it completely online with a delivery to your home or in one of our new CarShop Express stores, in which the two can be easily combined.

“It’s not just about online or just in person, it’s about the customer’s choice – to meet them where they already are.”

Michele Williams will lead the CarShop Express team in Leicester as branch manager after a 14-year career at CarShop in various roles and at different locations.

CarShop Express LeicesterShe said: “It makes a lot of sense for us to open the first CarShop Express in Leicester. In addition to being a densely populated region with a thriving business scene, CarShop Express Leicester will add to CarShop’s growing offering in the East Midlands, following the successful opening of the CarShop Nottingham flagship store last December.

“We hope to win new customers for our express business, which offers a holistic, modern and comfortable shopping experience.

“It will have the same high standard of service, low prices and wide choice that every other CarShop store offers – just in a quick, easy and friendly new way.”

CarShop’s Express model is similar to that offered by Cazoo in its customer centers across the UK.

Cazoo has established its locations, many of which are former Imperial Cars locations, to provide physical delivery and after-sales service to its customers.

Sytner Group and CarShop owner, US-based Penske Automotive, announced in February that the CarShop brand would go global as it renamed its US CarSense operation and increased its presence in the used car supermarket from 17 to 40 by 2023 Locations expanded.

Roger S. Penske, chairman and general manager of the US business, described the used car business as “a significant future growth opportunity”.

Roger Penske NADA 100Penske said: “We expanded to 17 locations after opening Nottingham in the UK in December. This new supercenter is expected to sell approximately 6,000 units and earn between $ 4 million and $ 5 million (£ 2.6 million and £ 3.62 million) in EBT annually.

“In the fourth quarter, our supercenters sold nearly 12,000 units, a decrease of 23% as the volume was impacted by COVID.

“Despite the decrease, the variable gross is up 19% as we have improved vehicle procurement through our internal online auction and purchases from Buy Your Car Now.”

Penske reported record results in 2020 as it achieved cost savings of approximately $ 125 million to $ 150 million (£ 90.6 million to £ 108.8 million) across all businesses.

The group had full year revenues of US $ 20.4 billion (£ 14.8 billion) and profits of US $ 545.3 million (£ 395.4 million).


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