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Clitheroe students among them first to learn to drive in new electric MINI

Learner drivers in Clitheroe will be amongst the first in Lancashire to take driving lessons in a new electric MINI.

Bob Devine of Clitheroe School of Motoring has become the first driving instructor to buy an electric MINI from Bowker in Blackburn. His new MINI electric will be available to students to drive later this month.

After picking up his new MINI from the Bowker MINI center on Trident Park in Blackburn, Bob Devine said: “I’ve driven MINIs from Bowker for more than 16 years now. When the MINI electric was launched last year I was immediately curious. Then I drove one – and wow! It was so smooth! I started to wonder how my learners would react if I bought one. I asked followers on my business page how they would feel about learning on an electric vehicle. And the response was extremely positive.

“I had no issues about switching over to electric. The automatic transmission is more popular than ever with learners. In fact, many tell me they may never need to drive a manual transmission vehicle. I have two children who, when old enough, will both learn in the automatic electric MINI. Now the driving industry as a whole is starting to adapt; ready for the future.

“The fuel costs alone are at least a third of my previous diesel/petrol car. That’s before you factor in road tax. The range is perfect for my business and lifestyle needs. And the environmental benefits are the icing on the cake.”

The MINI Electric delivers 0-62mph in just 7.3 seconds. Bob will charge at home or at one of the increasing number of over 11,000 public charging points.

For Bowker MINI, Adam O’Neill, said: “Bob has been a valued customer for many years. He is one of an increasing number of drivers taking an interest in our electric and hybrid models. We hope that Bob’s students will love driving his new electric MINI as much as he does.”

The growth of the EV market is expected to accelerate in the coming years as the UK prepares itself for the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicle sales. By the end of 2022, it’s projected that electric cars will outsell diesel and mild hybrid diesel.

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