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Fundraiser for boys seriously injured in a car accident in Wolverhampton

Jake in the hospital

The brothers were taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where Noah had surgery on his broken skull and Jake had surgery on a broken femur.

Noah was released after two days, but Jake is still in the hospital in what the doctors have called “one of the worst breaks they’ve ever seen,” Matt said.

Noah’s stitches on his head

Her father Matt, who works in carpet assembly, spoke about the crash.

He said, “It was the 14th and we got home and were within two minutes of our house.

“The airbags went off, I can imagine now, it was horrible.

“We got out of the car. My oldest son got out when he heard his brother cry and didn’t realize what he had done to his leg and he fell to the ground.

“My partner came to Noah. The police came pretty quickly. I went with Jake and Louise went with Noah to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Jake’s leg

“My partner has bruises and pain all over her chest, stomach, legs. My back really hurts, and my neck and chest.

“The boys both had to be scanned.

“Noah had to have a scan on his head, luckily no damage was done, even though there was a deep cut and a slight fracture of the skull and he had an operation the next day. He has a really good cut from the front to the back of his head.

“Noah came home, but Jake is still in the hospital. He had to have a lot of leg and knee scans.

Jake and Noah Morris with their parents Louise Highfield and Matt Morris

“He broke his thigh so he had an operation on Friday, he was down there for six hours, he had to have a plate in his leg.

“We take turns to see him. He’s up and down, he gets flashbacks.

“It was horrible. When you see your kids lying in two hospital beds, it’s heartbreaking.”

Emergency services at the scene of the accident on Lichfield Road

Louise’s sister Emma Jones started a fundraising page for the family that tripled its goal and has already raised £ 600.

Matt, 38, added, “It’s up to the kids to treat them. Emma did it to take them with her when she travels.

“Jake has a long way to go in recovery.”

The driver of a Renault Clio was arrested after a positive breath test after the accident and has since been released while the investigation continues, West Midlands Police said.


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