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Huddersfield dealership loses £ 250,000 as police locks up investigation into high-end car accident

A Huddersfield car dealership says £ 250,000 was dropped after police closed investigations into a devastating car accident that destroyed several high-end cars.

Around a quarter of a million pounds worth of cars were wrecked after a Volkswagen Golf tracked by police lost control and crashed through the fence at the ENKAE Prestige dealership in Crosland Moor.

Dramatic CCTV footage captured the moment the car toppled on its side at high speed.

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The company’s fence absorbed much of the impact, but some of the highest quality vehicles were damaged in the impact.

Damaged vehicles at Enkae Prestige in Huddersfield after a car followed by police crashed through the fence

These include a Mercedes C63s AMG valued at around £ 80,000, an Audi RS5 valued at around £ 72,000, and two Mercedes A45 AMGs valued at around £ 60,000 each.

James Hodges, marketing and social media manager at ENKAE, claimed today that the company’s insurance company is refusing to pay out a claim after police stopped investigating the crash.

West Yorkshire Police (WYP) said they had carried out a “thorough investigation” into which two people were arrested and later released as part of the investigation.

The force added that an indictment file had been filed with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) but was suspended due to “evidence problems”.

James said, “The police have closed the case and are not providing any further information. Our insurance has said they will not pay us off as the case is now closed.

“We are in a difficult position as a company because we have lost £ 250,000 in inventory.

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“Our insurance company says we’ll have to wait for the police to tell us the names of the people in the car (the Gulf) and track that information.

“We’re at a loss – what do we do with it?”

Arusah Saeed, who works in the administration, said, “We let them (the police) know directly that we were not satisfied with the result.

“They refuse to accuse the people in the car of any driving violations.”

James also alleged police did not record a testimony from a nearby resident who claims to have seen the crash in its entirety.

“A witness saw everything and saw the two people in the car,” he said. “The police did not take any testimony from this witness. It is very unusual.

“That would help us with our insurance – that’s a big deal.”

Despite the financial headache caused by the collapse, James said the accident had become a “marketing miracle”.

“People found out about us through the accident,” he said.

A WYP spokesman said: “West Yorkshire Police have conducted a thorough investigation into the incident which led to the arrest of two people related to the matter who were later released as part of the investigation.

“A file of indictment has been brought to the CPS but has not been processed due to evidence problems and the case is now closed.”

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