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Is It Profitable To Buy An Electric Car Or Should You Wait?

Is It Profitable To Buy An Electric Car? Image: Twitter

Is it profitable to buy an electric car now, or should you wait for the price to drop?

Governments around the world are encouraging people to go “green” and buy an electric car “to protect the environment,” but at first glance the cost of a new electric car seems disproportionate to a combustion engine be much higher, so the dilemma could be whether it is worth buying an electric car or wait for prices to drop if the charging infrastructure is also expanded.

According to the online car portal Carwow – the car buyer comparison portal – the price difference between gasoline and electric vehicles is now “smaller than ever”, especially with the new third edition of the Efficient and Sustainable Mobility (Moves III) incentive program published in April 2021 and offering loud consumers El Pais a subsidy for the purchase of an electric car of up to 8,000 euros.

Carwow has emphasized that an electric car – compared to a gasoline engine – could save you up to € 7,000 after ten years and a mileage of 100,000 km, a recent study by BloombergNEF for the European Transport and Environment Federation (T&E) claimed that electric cars will be cheaper to manufacture than gasoline cars by 2027.

A recent study by Grant Thornton and the Ibercaja Foundation by the II Observatory on Sustainable Mobility in Spain found that 48 percent of potential Spanish electric vehicle buyers were put off by the cost of time (27 percent), autonomy (20 percent) or the infrastructure network .

According to the MSI Consulting for Unoauto – Finance Technicians, Gestha – the average price for a new electric vehicle this year is € 41,571, € 4,000 more than a year ago, but already well below the average of € 47,267 at the were sold in 2019 – compared to diesel vehicles, which have fallen by 58 percent in price since 2019 – that is a difference of 5,700 euros and 13,617 euros for gasoline vehicles, which have fallen by 40 percent since 2019.


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