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James Ruppert: Glue on or turn a garage for three cars

Well, that’s something of a dilemma, and it’s incredible – even flattering – that reader Simon thought I could possibly solve it.

First off, Simon has a pretty impressive three-car garage: an Audi A2 (reg. 2003, 117,000 miles), a Vauxhall VX220 (reg. 2003, 96,000 miles), and a Mk1 Audi TT (reg. 2002, 170,000 miles). As Simon rightly points out: “The VX is a goalkeeper, yes? It’s a dream to drive, great to look at and just starting to appreciate. “

He had also read in Autocar that the A2 will be cool forever (in fact, I could have said that) and he asks, “Let’s keep the TT as the standard, hack it while it still has value or plan Do you want to keep it as a rolling restoration / restomod if funds allow? “

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My first thought would usually be to use the modern family car that everyone runs around in the background. Except that Simon doesn’t have one. That would make the A2 the fallback position while the TT continues to move. Just that all of these are such good cars.

The VX is now a wonderful one-of-a-kind piece, a never-to-be-repeated piece of brilliance with a griffin on the front. They are rare, but not necessarily that expensive. You have to be careful, but there are under £ 10,000 floating around with private sellers who seem fine. I liked more of a 2002 with 86,000 miles for £ 9995. It has had four owners, but the last one was for a decade and a half, which is always a good sign. A 2003 high-mile turbo (like 123,000 of them) at a dealer for £ 12,995 seemed like a good buy. The Mint Low Milers are over £ 20,000 but this is definitely a club Simon should stay at and join.

So Audi A2s. You will get less than 10 a penny, but there is still a lot. Maybe Simons could be moved on. Right now, you can shop for £ 995 in a 1.4 1.4 SE with full MOT and over 100,000 miles at a dealer. The right neat ones are £ 3k-plus, but that, or better, £ 3,700, buys a 2003 1.6 FSI with 50,000 miles. Not much for the coolest hatch on the planet. So Simon should probably be a guardian.

That leaves us with the other Audi, the TT. I am increasingly of the opinion that older cars that have been designed to be more contemporary are a good thing. The TT still looks like the future and they remain wonderfully affordable.

Where should I start? Well I’ll start with an example of 1.8-180hp from 2002 and end with 96,000 miles and apparently the most comprehensive service history, up to £ 2,299. Throw in a few thousand to overhaul the suspension, paintwork, and wheels and you’ll be laughing.

Obviously, with all of this dilemma, I’m terrible. Do you have great cars Don’t choose what to lose, hold onto them all.


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