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Leeds taxi driver’s fury after thug attacks car then runs away

A Leeds taxi driver claims a thug kicked in his car door outside Leeds Train Station, resulting in over a £1,000 worth of damage.

Saeed Khan, 46, recounted the frustrating moment he alleges his car was attacked.

Saeed, who works for Streamline Telecabs, says he picked up a couple in New Station Street at about 4.45am on Saturday (January 29), a man in a woman who looked to be in their 50s.

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The father-of-five claims as he was pulling away from the taxi rank to leave, he heard a big bang.

He said a young man kicked the driver’s side rear door with a loud bang and ran away.

“With just one kick he put the whole door through,” said Saeed. “There was a big bang.”

Saeed got out of the car to ask why the man had kicked his car.

He claims the male passenger said the offender was his son and they’d just had a “little domestic” argument.

Saeed then drove from the pickup point to the Network Rail Police Station and attempted to notify an officer.

He says the passengers complained and left after waiting there for about 25 minutes but gave Saeed their son’s name and number.

Saeed said: “I was frustrated, angry. The thing is, it’s just common sense. I was just doing a job and when something like this happens, it’s annoying. Because I’ve paid all this money [for the car]this is my office.

“The majority of the people appreciate the service that we provide. Then you’ve got the minority of people, who I am sad to say, who sometimes believe that they own us and our vehicles because they’ve paid for the journey home.”

Saeed described the damage as quite severe and added that he’ll have to replace it with a complete new door.

He said: “The damage is quite severe. I went to the dealers today, they told me I needed a complete new door. They’ve quoted me just short of £500 for the door and then I’ve got to go and get it painted, so I’m looking at about £1,000 excluding my time off work.”

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A British Transport Police spokesperson said: “British Transport Police were called to Leeds railway station at 5.06am on January 29, following a report of a man damaging a vehicle at the station’s taxi rank.

“An investigation into this incident is underway, however, no arrests have been made at this time.”

Taxi drivers staged a strike on Saturday night, in protest over proposed changes in licensing rules which will give more safeguarding powers to the public.

Mohamed Ramzan, 53, Hackney Carriage Liaison Officer, said: “Where public safety counts, where’s the safety for the drivers? We get our cars damaged and then we’re off work, so we’re losing out in every way.

“We can get assaulted, car damaged and we’ve got to sit at home for the car check-up. An attack or damage can happen at any time.”

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