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Letter: Thanks for the help after car problems

With so much bad news around the world, I would like to use your column to share a wonderful experience and to thank the various services that together have saved me a lot of trouble.

With the strong sun in my eyes, it was 3:05 p.m. when I came across a curb in the parking lot of the bus station; As I parked in the handicapped bay, I found that the front offside tire was split and flat.

At the age of 87, handicapped and handicapped and a car with no spare tires, I was in real trouble. At 3:10 pm I called the Honda hotline and they immediately took me to the AA. Quickly jotted down the license plate number, name and location, and received a text message saying the service would be with me at 3:25 pm. The AA engineer had a suitable wheel for my car on board, complete with a fully inflated tire; he put it on quickly and made me wait for my wife at 3:40 pm while he took the damaged unit to the ATS tire depot. At 3:50 p.m. I drove to the tire depot, where the new tire was already mounted on my bike. The AA engineer got his own spare tire, my own bike was fitted, I paid the bill and left at 4:05 pm.

Exactly an hour passed from the moment the incident occurred, and I was desperate and very worried, until I was safely back on the road.

I thank everyone who participated and together saved an old man a lot of fear and stress.

Brian G. Beckwith

Jessopp Avenue



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