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Lord Sugar criticizes Meghan Markle for negative comments on “car crash” GB News interview

Lord Sugar has been criticized for “shoehorning” a negative comment about Meghan Markle in his GB News interview.

The apprentice star appeared on the news channel, which launched on Sunday (June 13) with a special from channel chairman Andrew Neil.

Sugar was interviewed by Dan Wootton, and during the segment he met Markle for the televised talk she had with Oprah Winfrey in March.

Markle told Winfrey that she was denied mental health care because of suicidal thoughts she had while staying at Buckingham Palace. Sugar countered this in the GB News interview by saying that he believed Markle would have had access to the best mental health care if she wanted to.

Sugar, who aided Piers Morgan in his controversial criticism of Markle, said he stood by the fact that he believed Markle was “lying” on the matter.


He said, “Buckingham Palace and all these places they live … Doctors visit privately every day of the week, so if there’s something wrong with her I’m absolutely sure a psychiatrist or psychotherapist or whatever could.” come and visit and nobody would have to know. “

He continued, “I can imagine that the Queen had many visits and, in fact, some other family members had many visits from doctors. They are very private and confidential and are done very carefully. For this reason and for this reason alone I do not believe her. ”

Those who saw the interview criticized Sugar for its comments, and many highlighted it as an example of why they won’t be on the news channel again.

Lord Sugar has been criticized for having a negative comment from Meghan Markle in the GB News interview

(GB News)

“They lost me when they had Alan Sugar to discuss the validity of Meghan Markle’s mental health problems. Yeah really ..? “Wrote one angry viewer, another called the channel” really awful “.

“Car accident interview with Alan Sugar,” they added. “He desperately tries to suppress a negative comment about Meghan, and every sentence mentions woken up, liberal, left-wing and elitist. What a total shudder of shit. “

Another viewer tweeted, “Tune in to GB News only to be greeted by Alan Sugar and say that Meghan Markle lied to a former Sun columnist about having mental health issues. I switched off. “

In the same interview, Sugar Wootton called awkwardly for asking him a “stupid bloody question”.


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