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Man Utd News: Liverpool Team Bus blocked by cars and ‘tires punctured’ | Football | Sports

An official Liverpool bus on its way to Old Trafford reportedly had its tires damaged after it was blocked by two vehicles on a side street in Manchester. The vehicle was not carrying the Liverpool players at the time, and another coach managed to bring the Reds’ squad down on time for the 8.15pm kick-off against Manchester United.

There was a heavy police presence in the streets around Old Trafford after the first Premier League clash, scheduled for May 2, was postponed due to disruption both inside and outside the ground.

More troubles were forecast ahead of today’s game as Man United fans protested to evict the Glazer family from their club after they helped form the now-collapsed European Super League.

Some members of the Man United team have been instructed to arrive at Old Trafford around 2pm this afternoon and will remain there until the game. The beds are even said to have been set up in executive boxes on the floor.

Bruno Fernandes, Edinson Cavani and Mason Greenwood were among those who arrived in their own cars long before kick-off.

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United boss Solskjaer made it clear earlier this week that the club are doing everything in their power to ensure the game continues while accepting that the fans want to have their say.

“Of course security measures are checked and I hope that we can limit the protests – if there are protests – to loud voices, nothing violent,” said the Norwegian.

“We want to listen. The players want to play the game.

“We’re playing against Liverpool. Of course we want to beat Liverpool … So we’ll do everything we can to make our fans celebrate what we’re doing on the pitch.”

Sky Sports expert Jamie Carragher was concerned that there might be a replay of the scenes we saw off the ground earlier this month when the two teams were due to meet almost two weeks ago.

“If you protest, it’s a disruption and that’s what Manchester United has done in a big way,” he told Sky Sports.

“They knew from the game being canceled 10 days ago that the Glazers wouldn’t go out the next day, but they made this a global story. Everyone around the world was talking about Manchester United getting one.” Game canceled, it was unprecedented.

“In a way, the protesters did their job.

“Tonight I’m not 100 percent sure what’s going to be the matter, but I’m sure they will try to do the same again and send this message out.

“In a way, I don’t know if this can go on where you’re trying to consistently stop games, but if you look at these pictures, it’s going to be something that goes around the world again.

“Since there are supposedly no supporters going into the ground and you still see scenes like this, with the police and stewards outside, you obviously understand based on what happened 10 days ago.

“Again it is a strong image that Manchester United fans protesting and wanting these owners out feel like they have achieved something.”


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