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Mobility attempt to offer employees free bike rental and a car club Imperial News

Imperial is working with Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Brompton Bikes on a pilot mobility hub that will enable greater choice in urban transport.

Imperial employees are invited to express their interest in a test mobility center launched on April 22, offering attendees free rental of a collapsible Brompton bike and access to an on-campus auto club with two low-emission alternative fuel vehicles, the Enterprise on campus in South Kensington provides car club.

The hub is designed to give attendees more choice as they travel to and between locations. They can easily combine walking, cycling, car and public transport over the course of a day instead of relying on a single means of transport. The folding bikes can be transported by car or public transport if necessary, while the car club offers attendees the option of car rides if necessary, while private cars are left at home.

The hub gives attendees more choices as they travel to and between locations. They can easily combine walking, cycling, car and public transport over the course of a day instead of relying on a single means of transport.

The study is part of a study by Imperial researchers aiming to understand the uptake of shared mobility programs and their potential for sustainable travel choices. Study participants will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires to support research that is part of the Zero Pollution Transition, a major Imperial initiative to create a more sustainable society.

Select participants will have access to a pedal-powered or electric folding bike that can be rented full-time for two months, or a pool of bikes available for short-term rental at the Ethos Gym in South Kensington. They also have access to an electric car and a hydrogen-powered car, both provided by Enterprise on the South Kensington campus for them to work when needed.

Dr. Audrey de Nazelle, Lecturer at the Center for Environmental Policy, said: “Leaving the car at home and cycling to work can bring enormous health and environmental benefits. With the support of our partners at Enterprise and Brompton, the Mobility Node is a great opportunity to try cycling to work without having to buy a bike and knowing that an electric or hydrogen car will be available when you need it. Participants will also play an extremely helpful role in supporting our research on interventions for greener workplaces and cities. “

The initiative complements Imperial’s recently implemented Cycle to Work program to help employees share the cost of owning a bike, as well as Move Imperial’s expanded active travel guide. The mobility hub could offer the opportunity to test a bike before joining the program.

Research partnership

The study is designed to help Imperial academics better understand the potential of future urban and workplace programs to reduce the use of private cars, and to help industrial partners Enterprise and Brompton assess the potential for further programs to be rolled out. All three organizations have a common interest in understanding behavioral changes towards more sustainable travel and the associated CO2 reduction.

The holistic approach taken in this project is central to our zero pollution strategy. Not only technological factors, but also acceptance in the community, individual behavior and economic factors are taken into account. Professor Mary Ryan

Oz Choudhri, Head of Mobility Solutions at Enterprise, said, “As the industry leader in mobility and technology, Enterprise is excited to be part of this exciting initiative. We recognize people’s expectations of how their travels change, and this project provides valuable information on how people react when they are given access to a range of common assets.
“The data from the study will not only help Imperial understand how its employees are changing their travel habits, but will also provide valuable information for companies as we work with local and national governments and other organizations to create an innovative mobility center and Mobility as a Develop service offerings that make it easier for travelers to switch between shared modes of transport. “

Professor Mary Ryan, Vice Dean of Research for the Faculty of Engineering, said, “We are excited to partner with Enterprise and Brompton on this research program. The future of urban transport towards net-zero carbon is a critical step in that direction and create a sustainable society. The holistic approach of this project is central to our zero pollution strategy, which takes into account not only technological factors, but also community acceptance, individual behavior and economic factors. “

Julian Scriven, Managing Director of Brompton Bike Hire said: “We were delighted to be able to participate in this pilot project, where we can introduce the Imperial team to the joys of active travel. Understanding that multiple modes of transport need to work together is critical to the pursuit of net zero carbon. Projects to introduce the concept of multimodal hubs are helping to develop an understanding of how we can scale such initiatives in the future to provide a real alternative to privately owned single cars. “

Register your interest in the test mobility hub

Interested employees should visit the mobility center’s homepage, where they can fill out a questionnaire that will be used for research purposes and to determine suitability for the study.

Employees who do not wish to participate in the study are encouraged to fill out the survey anyway in order to support the imperial research on sustainable transport.

Mobility Hub Homepage


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