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Mother confused by the bizarre note a rude driver left on her car

One woman was stunned when she returned to her car to find a strange note on her windshield.

Sarah Hall, 30, wants to know who is behind the slip of paper that says: “I’m sorry for having hit your car. But not to divulge my details because your car sucks. “

To make the injury worse, the author added, “‘Have a good day, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Luckily for Sarah, the Suzuki Celerio appeared to have no damage, despite her mirrors depressed and one of the windshield wipers sticking out, Manchester Evening News report.

“My car is fine, I’m just curious who made it,” said the Bury mother of two.

The note

The pharmacist who parked the car in Ramsbottom joked: “My car sucks, but only I can say that.”

Sarah shared the note on Facebook, where it was widely circulated.

She paid £ 4,500 for the car in 2015 and says the car is in “decent condition”.

“I don’t think the note is real as I can’t see any damage unless I’m so stupid that I can’t see it.

“I just want to know who’s behind this,” she said.

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