Sunday, May 22, 2022
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New charging points for electric car drivers in Fylde

Four ultra-fast charging units have been installed on Fylde car parks: North Promenade and Wood Street in St Annes, Pleasant Street, Lytham and Lytham Station.

Though not yet operational, once fully commissioned and connected to electricity supplies, the units will be able to provide an 80 per cent charge for electric vehicles in around 40 minutes.

Coun Roger Small, chairman of Fylde Council’s Operational Management Committee, said: “Fylde Council is proud to be bringing better facilities for users of electric cars to our borough.

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The charging machine at the Wood Street car park in St Annes

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“Electric vehicles are a greener, cleaner alternative to petrol or diesel cars, and our support for this project showcases Fylde Council’s commitment to our environment and our residents.”

The funding from OLEV is for the Lancashire-wide project led by Lancaster City Council, with multiple other Lancashire districts receiving an allocation to implement accessible electric charging, intended to make the switch to electric vehicles more attractive for taxi firms.

The proportion of the funding received by Fylde Council was £98,206, with a further 25 per cent contribution provided by EB Charging, the contractor commissioned to install and operate the system.

Fylde Council says the machines are expected to be ready for use in six to eight weeks

Once fully operational, which is likely within six to eight weeks, the charging points will initially be open for use by members of the public.

As local taxi fleets transition to electric vehicles, the charging points will be restricted to their specific use as per the requirements of the funding, in order to encourage the industry to make the switch to cleaner modes of transport.

For the broader public, Fylde Council says it will soon be developing an electric vehicle infrastructure policy, which is likely to include an intention to install further public charge points across the Council’s car parks.

Up to now, the only public charging points available to drivers have been at the kerbside on Inner Promemade outside Fairhaven Lake.

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