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Prince Charles news: Unusual reason why his classic car ‘smells delicious’ | Royal | News

The royals are regularly spotted driving around their estates and sometimes to their own official visits. Prince Charles is no different, but his beloved car went directly against his environmental views with how quickly it guzzled fuel, so he came up with a solution. For his 21st birthday, the Queen bought the young Prince an Aston Martin which Charles has kept ever since.

The beloved car has been well maintained for decades and it now partly runs on wine and cheese in order to cut emissions, the Queen’s son has revealed.

During an interview with BCC’s climate editor, Justin Rowlatt, Charles said there are many practical, everyday measures which he employs to do his bit for the planet, including the secret food for his car.

He said: “My old Aston Martin, that runs now on waste products.

“It runs on – can you believe this – surplus English white wine and whey from the cheeses process.”

When Charles proposed his idea to the engineers at Aston Mating they reportedly said: “Oh, It’ll ruin the whole thing.”

Charles was up for a bit of a fight and replied: “Well, I won’t drive it then”.

The engineers “now admit that it runs better and is more powerful than petrol…And also it smells delicious as you’re driving along.”

Not only was the car in his sights, but the royal train was also too, which Charles fought to change in a similar way when he wanted it to run on cooking oil.

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Charles revealed he was “deeply worried” about the state of the world and what will be left for his future grandchildren.

Charles’ efforts and work have been largely motivated by younger generations: “Why do you think I’ve done this for all these years?

“Because I’ve minded about – and always have done – the next generations.”

In 2020, Charles launched his own sustainable market initiative, Terra Carter and has supported good quality organic farms.

His son Prince William praised his father at his launch of his Earthshot Prize Awards last year.


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