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Registering your car in Ontario: New rules announced

The Ontario government has announced changes to how new vehicles will be registered when people purchase a car.

On Tuesday, the government launched “Digital Dealership Registration” (DDR), which they say eliminates paperwork, saves times, and cuts costs for consumers and businesses.

The new process allows car dealerships to register vehicles online and issue permits and license plates directly to purchasers.

“At full implementation, the new DDR process will, for the first time ever, provide over 7,000 Ontario car dealerships access to an online program that eliminates duplicative paperwork and time-consuming trips to Service Ontario centres,” the government said Tuesday.

The government said that once fully implemented, DDR will move 4.8 million dealership registration transactions online per year, including the registration of pre-owned vehicles, vehicle transfers, and vehicle permit replacements, all of which must currently be conducted in person.

“In addition to making vehicle registrations faster and more efficient, DDR will also facilitate more accurate and error free registrations while protecting the security and privacy of Ontarians’ data,” the government said.

Earlier this year, the government ended fees for license plate stickers in Ontario, which saves motorists $120 per year.


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