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“Sad” group of cars can cancel the event after being injured in an accident

Members of a car group said they were “deeply saddened and saddened” after a car crashed into a bystander at a meeting in Nottinghamshire.

They also warned that they can cancel the event unless dangerous behavior is stopped.

A 32-year-old man was treated for serious injuries at the QMC following the incident on Sunday evening, September 5th.

Derbyshire Police were called around 7 p.m. about an incident that occurred near the MFN venue near Shipley Gate in Eastwood, Nottingham.

Car enthusiasts have been holding car rallies in the area on a regular basis and have been for several years.

The group now says that they will not continue the car meetings unless everyone in attendance behaves in an acceptable manner.

A spokesman for MFN said, “MFN is working hand in hand with the MFN car group to hold safe meetings for car enthusiasts every fortnight during the summer.

“We are deeply dismayed and saddened that a spectator was injured when a ruthless and frankly dangerous driver, whose driving ability was significantly less than the power of his vehicle, drove in a way that cannot be found on any road, let alone on it an event with other attendees nearby.

“We are only grateful that his injuries were not more serious and that no one was injured at the same time. We would also like to thank the police, fire brigade and ambulance service who were present on Sunday and handled the incident so well.

“As stated in the Derbyshire Policing Unit statement, the ‘send it’ mentality demonstrated by some of those present on Sunday has no place in this type of event.

“We put a lot of time and effort into planning to ensure that the event is safe for all attendees in the venue and we are again asking for your assistance so that we can organize a safe event.

“Car meetings get a bad rap because they are sometimes illegal on public roads and parking lots – this place gives you a place to enjoy your interest, but you risk losing it if something changes.

“We cannot and will not continue this event unless we have the support of all attendees to ensure that this type of behavior is stopped and the event is safe for real auto enthusiasts who want to enjoy a Sunday afternoon in the company of fellow like-minded people . “

The man’s injuries are not life-threatening. Derbyshire Police have announced that no arrests have been made at this time and the officers are continuing their investigation

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