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Scots sports presenter ‘badly shakes but alive’ after oak tree crushes car during Storm Malik

A Scots sport presenter has said he is ‘badly shaken but still alive’ after an ancient oak tree crushed his car.

Keith Downie shared footage of the significant damage to his new engine, caused by severe weather during Storm Malik.

The Sky Sports reporter, who is from Glasgow but lives in Newcastle, was thankfully not injured as the tree crushed the vehicle in his driveway.

A branch smashes the windscreen

Photographs of the BMW car show it trapped underneath a fallen tree with debris lying around it.

The windscreen has been smashed by a large branch that pierced the inside of the motor as it reached above head height.

Keith shared the images on social media after discovering the shocking damage to new car he has only had for three months.

Grateful the circumstances weren’t worse, he said: “How’s everyone’s Saturday?

“Thankfully I’m safe but things could’ve been a lot worse.”

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He later added on his Instagram story: “Badly shaking today but still alive.

“Poor car only lasted three months… but it can be replaced.

The inside of the car

Luckily Keith wasn’t injured

“Thank you for all the messages.”

Various posts on social media were inundated with people sending Keith their well wishes but eagle eyed user also spotted a parking ticket inside the car.

One said: “Sorry to hear that Keith. The main thing is that you are OK.

“Don’t forget your parking ticket before the car is taken away.”

Another wrote: “Woah, glad you’re OK mate. That looks pretty terrible.”

While one person added: “Wow, really sorry to see this mate but pleased you’re all safe!”

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