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The Autocar long-term test car awards 2021

Frankel, on the other hand, defended the Tourneo, claiming that its cave-like interior “offers a better night’s sleep than even a Bentley”.

The Better-Than-Ejector-Seat-Q-Award for Innovation

For the best technology, the best gadget or the best function in the car

winner Mazda MX-30

The Mazda MX-30 may have caused quite a stir for its short range, but it gained a lot of admirers for some nice design features. Although this award was originally intended for a single design element on a car, we recognized the MX-30 for receiving multiple awards for various functions.

“This car is full of quirky design elements, from the headlight trim to the cork interior, and the rear-hinged rear doors just play perfectly with that fun feeling,” said Lane.

News editor Felix Page, who ran the electric car, praised his speedometer: “The little red line that shows the speed limit is a hilariously simple innovation, but in a crowded, stressful urban setting, it’s really a blessing to be able to check you out.” stay legal at a glance. “

The eye-catcher price

For the car that has drawn the most attention from friends, family, and strangers


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