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The car care company Magic Valeting introduces its cleaning product line

A father-son-car duo based on STOURBRIDGE have bounced back from locking problems with the business of their dreams after launching their own line of cleaning products and accessories.

Mark and Jamie Perkins decided to use their experience and knowledge in car cleaning to grow their mobile valeting business after months of being unable to work due to strict Covid-19 regulations.

Magic Valeting started almost 30 years ago when Mark Perkins started his small mobile valeting company.

Business picked up and customers poured in, but when Mark’s work vehicle was broken into and all of his cleaning equipment was stolen, he was forced to hang up the Jetwash and find a job to support his young family back home.

However, twenty-five years later, he put his cleaning overalls back on and sought help from his son Jamie.

The couple became Magic Valeting in 2015 and the business just kept getting stronger.

But when the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020, car washes had to close and Magic Valeting had to cease operations amid the lockdowns.

However, while the restrictions were in place, Mark and Jamie used the time to work on a project that had been in the pipeline for several years and, with the help of wife, daughter-in-law and artist Stacy Hammond, became their line of Magic Valeting car cleaning products Reality.

The trio began selling their products to their mobile valeting customers, with pre-orders being placed as soon as the products were launched.

Jamie said, “We wanted to use our years of valeting experience and know-how to develop a range of specially formulated products that are designed to be easy to use, even for a novice car cleaner, while always being flawless Standards and the quality of our own professional valeting work.

“We love what we do and we know that other people share our passion for car cleaning, so we really wanted to use and share products that were fully road tested by professionals.”

The current product line ranges from simple car shampoos and glass cleaners to upholstery cleaners and protective exterior sealers, and there are plans to expand the range to include additional waxes, polishes, microfiber cloths and applicators – and to make Stourbridge known as the home of car cleaning.

To find out more, visit or the Magic Valeting Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages @magicvaleting.


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