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The car freaks in the “heavy” M602 with two vehicles – both drivers have miraculously escaped without major injuries

Two drivers had a very lucky escape this afternoon after managing to escape a major blow without major injuries.

The M602 was closed for just over an hour at the Regent Road roundabout this afternoon after ambulance services rushed to the scene of the accident with two cars around 2:30 p.m.

A black Nissan Navara and a black hatchback were involved in a collision in which the Nissan overturned.

Miraculously, both drivers were able to escape without major injuries and the road was quickly reopened.

The North West Ambulance Service has confirmed that no one needed hospital treatment after the accident.

A spokesman for the service said, “We sent two ambulances to the scene.

“It doesn’t look like we took anyone to the hospital.”

Pictures from the scene show that the damage to both cars was involved in the accident.

The hatchback was badly damaged at the front of the vehicle, while the Navara badly damaged the windshield, roof and sides of the vehicle.

It is not known whether there were any passengers in the vehicles at the time.

Queues formed in the area after exit M602 eastbound to the roundabout closed, forcing all traffic to use the alternate driveway.

The road reopened shortly before 3:40 p.m. after both vehicles were recovered from the area.

The Greater Manchester Police Department has been asked for a comment.

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