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The car jumps into the middle of the street after crashing through the front yard of Romford’s house

A car fell over in the middle of a busy residential street in Romford after getting into the path and crashing into a wall.

The incident occurred tonight (March 25th) on Mawney Road in Romford and is believed to have occurred during a police chase.

Pictures of the scene show the car crashing through a local’s front yard and tearing down a wall.

The front of the car was completely destroyed, and metal and engine parts are scattered on the road.

Emergency services have been called on site and the police have cordoned off the street.

The fire department also took part in the incident and is said to have been forced to cut a woman out of the car.

Speaking to EssexLive, Samantha, a local resident, described the scene shortly after the crash.

The police visited the scene and blocked the street

She said, “I live on Birkenstrasse, there was some kind of chase down here, then the car crashed on Mawney Road up on my street. There were two people in the car that appeared to be turned over. A boy ran away and in.” Girl was cut out of the car and taken away on a stretcher.

“They had two other cars too, it looked like, drove through three gardens, bumped into the front of a poor old lady, and smashed her window.”

The cause of the crash has yet to be confirmed, however it is believed that the incident occurred during a police chase. Police cars were heard driving the area and locals described hearing a helicopter overhead.

The Met Police was asked for a comment.


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