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The council says that truck parking lots in the village parking lot will be “lined” so that the cars can get in and out

The parking spaces in the Ingleton car park have to be repainted after it has been found that the cars do not have enough space to get in or out when the cars are parked there at the same time.

The newly painted truck parking spaces in the parking lot near the back lane are about three meters too short and inaccessible for truck drivers when cars occupy the middle parking spaces, say local residents.

The way all lines have been deleted means truck drivers would not be able to get into the parking lot if cars were parked in the new middle bays to build houses there trying to evict them.

Affected residents used social media to comment on the new food. They said they would like to see the “carnage” when a truck and trailer tried to get out of the parking lot when the middle bay was full of cars.

Another said, “The biggest problem is if there are cars parked in the middle bays that don’t get into, or if the cars are parked overnight on a Friday and the parking lot is full on Saturday, they have no chance of getting out . ”

However, a council spokesman said it was not intended to prevent wagons from using the park and the realignment was an attempt to address some noise issues.

The spokesman said: “The work on the Ingleton car park is aimed at eliminating some of the problems residents have had with noise.

“It is not intended to prevent cars from using the parking lot. We’re looking for ways to better manage the parking lot for Ingleton’s residents.

“There are clearly some issues with the new car bays and we discussed this with our lining companies who have confirmed that they will realign these bays to give the cars more space to get on and off.”

Last November, a plan to build new houses in the parking lot was denied approval.

Every member of the Craven District Council Planning Committee, including its chairman, contradicted the officer’s recommendation and turned down applications for eight apartments because of its adverse effects on the village’s economy.

The Craven Barnfield Regeneration Ltd project – a joint venture partnership between the local council and Barnfield Investment Properties established to conduct regeneration projects across the district – involved eight homes and was a re-filing of a previously withdrawn application.


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