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The driver tries a 30 mile drive with a shed on the roof of the car

A driver who tried to drive 30 miles with a huge wooden structure on the car was embarrassed by police on social media.

While a lot of people put their hands up to drive around out of the trunk with some flat-wrapped furniture, carrying what appears to be an entire shed probably pushes it a bit far.

This red BMW was discovered by the Avon and Somerset police with the large wooden structure on the roof.

The officers were less impressed with the driver’s attempt to reduce the risk by traveling at a speed of 30 mph with the hazard warning lights on.

The Armed Forces Road Safety Team tweeted today (Friday April 2nd): “In today’s ‘What The? Friday’

“Sometimes OT33 [officer] only knows when a car has to stop …

The driver reportedly attempted a 30-mile trip

“Do a 30 mile trip at 30 mph, with hazards to warn people of the danger? – Um … No!

“You have to make sure that the vehicle is suitable for the load being carried and that the load is safe.”

The pictures sparked several incredulous comments.

One person simply replied, “What the hell ???”

The police have been contacted for more information on exactly where the vehicle was run over within the Avon and Somerset surveillance area.

Pictures seem to show the car parked next to a hedge between a field and what appears to be an industrial building.


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