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The horror of the woman when a taxi driver rammed her car and “spat in her face” in a traffic incident

A Tameside woman says she was spat on by a taxi driver who rammed her car while driving home from work.

Tracey Turner of Audenshaw was driving through the harassment of Sandbrook Way in Denton when an oncoming car nearly caused an accident.

The 54-year-old told the Manchester Evening News that she had the right of way and was already driving through a chicane when the impatient black car driver across the street decided to run through her and squeeze past her.

Tracey’s commuter traffic, still affected by the near miss, took a bizarre turn when she asked a cab behind the black car to move so she could clear the chicane.

The damage done to Tracey’s car after the taxi driver’s tantrum in Denton

Tracey says the cab driver cut off the front bumper of her Peugeot 107, stopped next to her, and spat in her direction.

“I wanted to apologize to the taxi driver about what happened to the other guy,” she said.

“But then he spat in my face and rammed my car.

“When he spat it went everywhere, in my face and in my car. It’s not pretty.”

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A neighbor came by around 2:40 pm after the incident last Wednesday (May 26) to check that Tracey was okay and told her she had “spat it all in the hair.”

Tracey, who works at Active Tameside’s front desk in Hattersley, says she called two local taxi companies to try to track down the driver, but couldn’t.

The cab’s confusing maneuver did cosmetic damage to Tracey’s car, but she was more alarmed about being spat on in a pandemic, particularly with the Indian variant B.1.617.2 in circulation.


The chicane where Tracey’s car was damaged

“I was so mad,” said Tracey.

“It just wasn’t necessary. It drained me emotionally – I hadn’t harmed him.

“I just don’t understand people doing things like that. It shouldn’t happen to anyone – it’s pretty scary.”

Tracey says she intends to report the incident to Greater Manchester Police but couldn’t get through on 101 last week.

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