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The incredible moment when thousands of bees climb onto a BMW car

Crowds gathered to watch the surreal moment when thousands of bees came upon a BMW car parked in front of an office building.

One picture shows the swarm of bees covering the entire rear window of the car that was parked in Manchester city center.

Crowds gathered to watch the spectacle that took place just after noon today, June 15th.

It is now known that a beekeeper arrived at the scene and was filmed trying to lure the beehive into a cardboard box.

The owner of the BMW has yet to get back to their car – which is probably best given the busy situation.

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Michael Hewitt, 55, had returned from his lunch break when he noticed a “commotion” in front of his office building.

“There were a lot of people outside and the bees were pretty up in the air at the time,” he said, according to the Manchester Evening News.

“I think the queen landed on the car and then all the other bees followed.

“There were easily thousands of them. A lot of people watched.

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“Right now there is a beekeeper trying to put them all in one box, which is hilarious.

“Right now there are at least a thousand left on the car.

Just last week, a street in Wigan also turned into a busy beehive after a swimmer or bees similarly climbed onto a car.

Pictures showed a cluster of bees resting on the windows of two cars on Rydal Street in Leigh.

According to the British Beekeepers Association, if the old queen leaves a colony with some of the bees, a honey bee colony swam to reproduce.

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They leave their beehive and find a place to wait until their scout bees decide on a new home for the colony.

Most of the time, the bees swarm on warm, sunny days between May and July, usually after a period of bad weather.

Thousands of bees typically congregate in a large, noisy cloud during the swarm, before settling in a group while waiting for the scouts to return.

Most swarms of honeybees are not aggressive, but people are asked to stay away from them as a precaution.

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