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The streets of Colchester with the most car crime

An interactive map shows how many car crimes have been reported in Colchester city center.

When society opens up again, people will explore different parts of the county to visit loved ones, get a long-awaited haircut, and head to their favorite pub.

But how do you know the safest streets to park on if you’re new to an area?

A tool developed by Co-op Insurance, which can be found via this link, has determined the number of vehicle crimes in each area – and on which streets it occurs most frequently.

Vehicle crime is a broad term, but it can include vehicle theft, vehicle theft, and vandalism.

How does the tool work?

Car crime in Colchester between July 2020 and December 2020. Image: Co-op / Park Smart

The interactive map uses data published by the Ministry of the Interior for July 2020 to December 2020.

Users can search the crime rate in their area by entering a zip code or city in the search bar.

The results are shown in three colored circles: red indicates an area where six or more incidents have occurred, orange indicates streets where three to five car crimes have been committed, and yellow means between zero and two incidents have occurred .

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If you plan to continue traveling the data will span England and Wales.

Below, we’ve looked at the top ten streets in Colchester with the most reported vehicle crime according to the numbers available on the website.

Willow Close – 7th

Artillery Street – 4th

Phoenix Court – 4th

De Gray Road – 3

Garland Road – 3

Abbey Field View – 3

Selby close – 3

Fowler Road – 3

Southway – 3

Turkey Cock Lane – 3

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