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Wait a minute, vehicle in Lidl parking lot goes up in flames as a teenager in Mitsubishi sits next to it

This is the moment a car caught fire in the parking lot of a supermarket in Birmingham, shortly after a teenage boy who was watching in horror was sitting in a neighboring vehicle.

The incident occurred shortly before 6 p.m. in the Lidl car park in Erdington at the junction of Tyburn Road and Kingsbury Road.

The owner of a neighboring car, Muhammed Pazeer, said he went to the store Friday night to pick up some things and left his teenage nephew in his car.

While he was doing his shopping inside, Muhammad received a panicked phone call that the car next to his was on fire.

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The West Midlands Fire Department was called to the scene of the accident when the car went up in flames.

Muhammed said: “I left my nephew Shoaib in the car when I stopped to get some things from Lidl.

“Then I got a call, ‘Uncle Ali, the car is on fire, some outside’. My nephew. who is 17 then said it was the car next to us that was on fire, “but ours could catch fire too”.

“I left my purchases and ran away.

“When I came from Lidl, I said to one of the workers that a car was on fire on your forecourt.”

The fire quickly captured the engine compartment of the vehicle, which was believed to be a Kia Picanto, before spreading and damaging the interior of the car as well

The car, probably a Kia Picanto, was parked next to Muhammad’s Mitsubishi and was on fire in the front.

Muhammad got into his car but couldn’t find his nephew.

He said, “I got in the car. I started to wonder what happened. I have a vision problem in my left eye and at first I didn’t know my nephew wasn’t in the car.

“Then I checked and couldn’t see him. I didn’t have the key like my nephew did.

“But I pressed the start button on my Mitsubishi Outlander and it started, which meant it was close by. I moved the car and then found him. “

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The 40-year-old, who lives just off Chester Road in Erdington, said, “He told me he was on the phone and then noticed that people were standing there staring at the car.

“He looked to the left and saw that the car was on fire. His only thought was to get out and run. And then he called me.

“I said to him, ‘Where did you go from?’ And he joked: ‘If something happens, at least one of us is fine!’ “

The engine of the Kia is said to have caught fire spontaneously in the parking lot, flames have hit the engine compartment and the driver’s seat.

The moment a car burns in Lidl's parking lot on Kingsbury Road, Erdington

The moment a car burns in Lidl’s parking lot on Kingsbury Road, Erdington

Muhammad said he saw the owner of the car who was involved in the fire and said she was “shocked and upset”.

He added: “She was really upset. She was in shock and was given some water.

“There was nothing you could say or do.

“But the main thing was that nobody was hurt. You can get another car. You can’t get your life back. “

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The West Midlands Fire Department said they received the call at 5:56 p.m. on Friday (December 3).

A spokesman said: “We have been called to Lidl on Kingsbury Road in Erdington to report reports of a vehicle fire.

“We sent a fire truck with five fire fighters from Erdington. In the Lidl parking lot, the car’s engine compartment burned well and fire fighters with breathing apparatus extinguished it with a hose reel.

“The entire engine compartment and driver’s compartment were damaged. The owner arranged for the vehicle to be recovered.

“The cause is supposed to be an accident.”

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