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Water foot woman used a saucepan to break the window of the neighboring car

A WOMAN used a pot to break the windows of a neighbor’s car after she “lost” them.

Blackburn justices heard Terri-ann Thompson armed himself with a knife and baseball bat during the lengthy incident in which the victim feared for his life.

Thompson, 32, of Hey Head Avenue, Waterfoot, pleaded guilty to five charges of property damage and one of threatening Daniel Lees with a knife.

She was transferred to Burnley Crown Court on bail to be sentenced on July 19.

Katie Lord, Prosecutor, said Mr Lees was in bed with his wife when someone on the street woke them around 2am. He looked out and saw Thompson, who lived across the street.

He was disturbed a second time when he knocked on the door, whereupon Thompson yelled that it was going to smash everything.

Thompson went back to her house and came out with a baseball bat, whereupon Mr. Lees went out and tried to talk to her.

“While he was talking to her, his son managed to get behind her and take the bat from her,” said Miss Lord.

“She went into her house and Mr. Lees thought everything would be fine until the police arrived. The next thing he saw her break the windows of his cars with a pan. In the other hand she had a knife. ”

Miss Lord said when Mr. Lees tried to stop Thompson, who was doing further damage to his vehicles, she pointed the knife at him and threatened to use it.

He backed up to his house and when she turned away he took the opportunity to run into his house and lock the door.

Then he heard the repeated sound of windows smashed before he grabbed the baseball bat that had taken Thompson and went back outside. She attacked his cars, an Audi, a BMW, a Toyota MR2, a Ford RV and a Ford Kuga, with the pan.

With the help of his son, they managed to push her back to their own home and waited for the police to arrive.

Laura Heywood, who defended herself, said her client had mental health problems and it was clear that they played a role in the incident.

“At the time, she hadn’t taken her medication and accepted that she simply lost it,” said Miss Heywood.

“Since that incident, she has been taking her medication again and has significantly reduced her alcohol consumption.”


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