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Williams on the “last legs” of adding updates to the 2021 car

F1 teams are driving a complex campaign using the largely carried over vehicle concepts that were introduced at the beginning of 2020 but maintained for an additional year, so for the 2022 rules the teams did not have to make any major progress on their vehicles during the initial reset economic setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The decision to postpone the launch of the new cars from 2021 to 2022 also meant that they will now be produced under F1’s new cost cap restrictions.

The situation means many teams are already entering the final stages of planned developments for their challengers in 2021 – with Haas reaching that point at the end of winter testing.

Ferrari’s sports director Laurent Mekies said over the GP weekend in Spain that the Italian roster is already 90% or 95% geared towards 2022, which is comparable to the situation on his team, according to Dave Robson, Williams’ director of vehicle performance be.

“We’re probably not too far off, I think,” said Robson. “The time in the wind tunnel is certainly almost exclusively next year’s car.

“The overwhelming majority, [or] A massively high percentage of the aero department is working on next year’s car. The design office the same.

“So we are currently on the last legs of the last new parts for this car. Yes, we are probably very similar to Ferrari in these percentages. “

George Russell, Williams FW43B

Photo by: Zak Mauger / Motorsport Images

Robson believes, however, that the FW43B still has some accomplishments. This continues the FW43’s trend of being quick in qualifying before falling behind in races, and also suffers from severe sensitivity in windy conditions.

Robson added, “There are a couple of little things that we are not entirely aware of – a couple of test pieces that we had on the car, that we have withdrawn, and that we are still refining.

“Well, I think there’s going to be a little more of it.

“It probably won’t change our world massively over the course of the season, but more is to come. Certainly.

“We will continue to push this forward. I think we can do a little more with it. “


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