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Woman has to have lunch in the car following a man’s comment

One woman said she had no choice but to eat her lunch in her car every day after a male colleague commented on what she was eating.

The woman, who said she was minding her own business in the staff room, said her lunch had been compared to “dog food.”

She said she wanted “to be able to eat what she wants without people commenting”.

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On Mumsnet she wrote, “Why do people think it’s okay to comment on what you eat in the staff room?

“I ate a tuna salad and someone asked me if I was eating dog food. How rude!

“Will eat in the car from now on. I’m tired of everyone commenting over lunch.

In a later reply she added, “He came in for a second. It was one of those in a sealed container … news broadcast … food smells!

“What are acceptable foods for the company canteen?”

Some parents were on their side.

One said, “Or if you comment on how healthy or unhealthy everything is! Makes me crazy.”

He asked if their tuna salad was dog food

Another added: “Benefits of working from home.

“I used to get passive-aggressive comments about my servings like ‘oooh, is that all for you?’ and ‘you don’t eat again?’ Yes, yes, and what about it? ‘

A third said, “Don’t eat in your car. The canteen belongs to you like everyone else.

“Stand firm and don’t listen to the petty comments from ‘adults’ who complain about the smell of tuna, even in a salad!

However, others said that fish, among other things, should not be consumed in a communal setting.

One said, “Obviously it absolutely stinks and they let you know! I think foods like tuna in a work room are pretty cr *** y.”

One distraught commentator said, “Fish should be banned from any workplace. A colleague cooked fish in the microwave for lunch.

“The building stank and the microwave made everything taste like fish.”

A third added: “No fish, no smelly meat, no boiled eggs.”

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