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Woman ‘in shock’ after CCTV captures brazen thief rummaging through her car

A woman was “in shock” after her CCTV captured a brazen thief rummaging through her car.

Candice O’Sullivan shared the footage in the hopes of raising awareness to other motorists in the area to lock their vehicle doors. At around 3.30am on April 4, a figure can be seen traveling down the pavement on a scooter.

The CCTV, shared by Candice, shows the unknown person parking up their scooter and trying the doors of cars parked on driveways – one of which belonged to Candice.

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The person, which Candice believes to be a woman, can clearly be seen opening the door to the car before rummaging around and leaving with what they found, which Candice said was around £6 in change. Candice told the ECHO the figure was “having a good rummage” but you “have to laugh”. She added: “It made me laugh. It’s just the cheek of it, whipping past on her scooter in her coat cape.

“She come round and checked all the car doors. It was just funny really. I was shocked. She didn’t get away with anything except loose change but I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

“I know a lot of people have had their cars done in the area but you don’t think it will happen and I caught it all on video. I shared the video to make others aware. Just keep an eye out and make sure you ‘re locking doors because they are trying things in the area.

“There’s been a few thefts over the years and I think it will be on the rise now because of inflation so just be careful.”

Merseyside Police previous issued advice on how to keep your vehicle safe. Top tips include keeping your car locked properly, closing windows to prevent ‘fishing’ and securing number plates with ‘tamper-resistant screws’. More information and the top tips can be found online by clicking here.

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