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Would you park your car for the bus in Oxford?

We reported that Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel were encouraging drivers to leave their vehicles at home twice a month to celebrate Earth Day.

The drivers make around 600 car journeys a year. Switching one in 25 trips to a bus would cut the UK’s carbon emissions by two million tonnes.

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We asked our readers if they could leave their car at home to save carbon. And here is what you said:

JAMES DOBSON: “No, not if it’s cheaper for me to go where I want to go and I don’t think I can get on the bus with home improvement items.”

MANDY HOSKING: “I think all cities should have trams, only electric taxis and buses, to help the planet.”

ROSIE FURLONG: “With the Covid outbreak, people were told not to use the bus if they didn’t have to, mostly for workers. For my part, I’m worried that it will rise again so I won’t ride on buses. Besides, they are irregular.”

DAVID MAINOR: “I’ll do what I want, I won’t lie. I don’t care if I reduce the carbon in the slightest.”

CARL UNDERWOOD: “Sitting in a cold, boring box on seats that are less comfortable than a park bench, for £ 6 +, that take forever to get anywhere. No thanks.”

DIVYESH LAD: “Most people pay an absolute fortune to get a car on the road. Everything from the purchase price, vehicle tax, insurance, MOT, maintenance and fuel consumption, levy and sales tax is also subject to this.

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“Do you think they will leave it behind to use something that is traveling on a route that is not close to the destination you want to reach and not door to door?”

SAM BAKER: “Not if my car is emission-free it will be cheaper for me to drive and I will get exactly where I want to go.”

LAURENCE JOHNSON: “Here’s the clue. Go to a supermarket out of town and watch the people come out with an overhead cart. Now imagine them taking this to a bus stop with three kids, getting on the bus, get out and walk the distance home. ”

RICHARD PILL: “You should change cash in reasonable amounts. To prohibit changes and refuse cash, you disenfranchise some people. The cost can also be a deterrent.”

AHURA ARIAN: “If you get on the bus, you will never be on time for work and you will be laid off. After that you will not need a bus or a car. How can people rely on unreliable means of transport?”

SARDAR TAHA: “Make bus tickets cheaper than anyone will travel by bus.”

VICTORIA MAY GIMIGLIANO-GARDOM: “I live on this route and have seen at least three buses a day and only one passenger at a time for about a month. I’m all ready to improve the public transport infrastructure, but it seems like a waste of time and money, the service to operate.” if they don’t get the community to use it, or if it’s too expensive to buy.

“I think everyone’s thinking is that it is imperative to have the service running when it is needed. However, you should also have some kind of engagement strategy with the community to ensure that usage is maximized to keep the number of vehicles on the Decrease road. ”

BEN MARSHALL: “I think this new Wantage Didcot bus is great for Grove. Unfortunately, a lot of people still work from home / want to avoid Covid. So it’s a shame it was set up when demand is lower.”

CHRISTIAN HODGKINSON: “As soon as the pandemic is over. Until then, I will not use public transport if I can help. I would rather ride a bike

EDWIN CHAFFIN“Why should I struggle with my purchases when I can go on a trip, put it in the trunk and drive home? It would take me at least four trips on the bus to do the same.”

TERRI PEARCE: “Unfortunately we have spent the last 50 years making life without a car impossible. Not everyone works in the city center, bus routes have been cut and there are many shopping centers outside the city. Life without a car is very difficult now.”

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