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Bradford car thieves target these four makes and models of cars

Police have warned car owners in the Bradford area of ​​a spate of thefts.

Thieves target four selected car brands and models and steal the catalytic converters from their exhausts.

A spokesman for the West Yorkshire Police’s Shipley team said: “Recently, catalytic converter thefts have increased, mainly from Honda Jazz and CR-V models, as well as Toyota Auris and Prius models.

“As always, if you see these vehicles being stolen from a crime scene, please call 999.”

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Police gave some advice on what owners of these cars can do to deter thieves from attacking them.

Drivers should park near a fence or wall with the exhaust closest to the wall to make theft more difficult.

Also, avoid parking half on the sidewalk and half on the street as it will make it easier for thieves to steal the catalyst.

A catalytic converter is a device on an exhaust gas that reduces toxic gases and pollutants.

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