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CES 2022 Live Blog Day 4: The latest news and biggest announcements


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(Photo credit: BMW)

Still want more color changing technology? the BMW iX Flow can do this too. The triangular film that covers its body panels uses the same e-ink technology that powers e-readers to switch the car’s color between black and white.

You can change the color of the car at the push of a button, but this is not only a function if you are unsure about your paintwork. According to BMW, the colors could change to help you find the car in a parking lot or to provide diagnostic information about the battery.

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Vivo V23 Pro changes colors

(Image credit: Vivo)

Smartphones are not really in the focus of the CES, but they are I live V23 attracts a lot of attention for its unique color changing ability.

The Sunshine Gold version of the phone changes from the basic color blue / green to gold when exposed to sunlight. This is thanks to the UV-sensitive crystal structure in the casing of the phone.

On top of that, there are several other notable parts of this phone. It has two front-facing cameras in a notch above the screen, which most Android phones have long given up on, and a huge 108 MP main camera on the back of the V23 Pro model. It’s just a shame that at the time of writing there is still no evidence that they are being sold in the UK or US

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Sony Vision S-SUV

(Image credit: Sony)

Hello, Richard Priday, Staff Writer, is here to highlight some of the most interesting things that are on show at CES.

You probably don’t associate Sony with electric vehicles, but the company wants to change that. After the launch of the first Vision-S in 2020, it is returning this year with the Vision-S-SUV, a new version of the bigger body concept.

Not only does it look appropriately futuristic, but it also offers a huge technological leap forward with the touted safety sensors and in-cabin entertainment system. Now all Sony has to do is …

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nextbase iq dashcam module front and rear

(Image credit: Nextbase)

Whether you have an electric car or you still burn gasoline to get around, investing in a dashcam is always a good idea. Because the streets are a dangerous place and it is wise to make sure you have evidence of what is happening.

Nextbase, which makes some of the best dashcams, takes that concept one step further with AI-powered Nextbase iQ. Not only can it record what is happening in and around your car, the built-in AI is also able to keep an eye on what is going on around your car and ensure that you are aware of potential hazards. Be it from pedestrians or other vehicles.

In addition, the iQ has built-in cloud connectivity for uploading and retrieving footage in real time, allows you to track your car’s position with GPS, and has a “valet mode” that notifies you when something goes wrong goes when someone else has your car.

The price is to be announced, but the Nextbase iQ is currently slated to hit the market this fall.

2022-01-06T11: 39: 30.296Z

Motorola MA1 adapter for Android Auto

(Photo credit: SGW Global)

If you have a car with Android Auto but not one that you can wirelessly connect your phone to, a new car adapter is here to make the connection easier. The $ 90 Motorola MA1 wireless car adapter for Android Auto connects to your car’s infotainment system and gives you access to your favorite map, music and messaging apps on the vehicle’s display.

Not as many cars have Android Auto wireless support as you might think, so the Motorola MA1 offers an easy workaround to just get in your car and connect automatically. (The adapter does not come from Motorola, but from SGW Global, which in this case licenses the name Motorola.)

The Motorola MA1 adapter will go on sale on January 28th on the Motorola Sound website; Should also be found at other dealers.

2022-01-06T11: 23: 37.509Z

Mercedes eqxx concept

(Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz)

The auto industry loves CES because it’s the perfect place for them to show off the weird and wonderful things that they’ve created behind closed doors. While these concept cars are unlikely to make the rounds, some of their best features still seem to make it into a future electric vehicle.

Take the Mercedes Vision EQXX, for example. This beast offers a range of 620 miles thanks to a lightweight aerodynamic design and a brand new compact battery design. This battery has the same performance as the Mercedes EQS, but is half the size and 30% lighter. It also has a 47.5-inch 8K mini LED display that runs the length of the dashboard.

We cannot yet say whether we will see a Mercedes with that long range. But the automaker has confirmed that some of these advances will already be added to future cars – and hopefully the battery is one. We can always benefit from an additional range, even if it’s not quite as stunning as the EQXX.

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tcl 30 auto 5g render product

(Image credit: TCL)

We also saw some new phones from TCL – yes, the company more known for its televisions – in budget form TCL 30 XE and TCL 30 V.

They’re both 5G ready and low-priced, which gives them a chance to be some of the best 5G phones out there. We look forward to gaining practical experience with the new models and trying them out.

Pricing information is not yet available, although we expect the TCL 30 XE to cost less than $ 300. The TCL 30V could cost a little more as it supports Verizon’s mmWave 5G network.

2022-01-06T11: 02: 52.076Z

Nokia 2022 CES Phones

(Photo credit: HMD Global)

Let’s talk briefly about phones. We saw some big announcements at CES 2022, including the full reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and the partial reveal of the OnePlus 10 Pro, but you may have missed out on some new Nokia handsets.

Honestly, these don’t give the best of phones any cause for concern, but they might appeal to budget-conscious buyers. Of particular interest is the Nokia G400, which gets you a 5G-enabled phone for $ 239. You also get three rear cameras – a macro lens connects the main and ultra-wide-angle cameras – and a 6.6-inch display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The latter feature is usually reserved for much more expensive phones.

The rest of the Nokia models showcased by HMD Gobal – which currently operates the Nokia brand – include four more new, exclusive US models slated for launch in the first half of 2022. Options range from the compact $ 99 Nokia C100, which has a 5.45-inch screen, for $ 149 G100, which has a larger 6.5-inch panel and a 5,000 mAh battery.

The cheapest Nokia device to hit the market in the first half of this year is this Nokia 2760 Flip, a feature phone that revived a 2007 model.

2022-01-06T10: 53: 15.310Z

Alienware m17 R5 Ryzen Edition side

(Photo credit: Toms Guide)

Yes, you could carefully go over every single laptop announcement from CES to find out which are bangs and which are bangers. But why do that when we’ve done all of the work for you?

Our roundup of the best laptops at CES 2022 highlights the most interesting machines we’ve spotted this year, whether from personal briefings or information we’ve gathered remotely. We might not be at CES in person this year, but there are plenty of interesting laptops on display from Lenovo, Acer, HP, Alienware, and more, and this guide gives you all the important details about each model.

2022-01-06T10: 39: 34.108Z

Neato D9 and D10

(Image credit: Neato)

In the meantime, Neato claims it is new D9 and D10 have a much better dust absorption than the previous models. And the iconic D-shape of the body is ideal for gripping corners and edges. While they don’t have self-draining floors, they’re also more affordable. The D9 is $ 449 on Amazon and the D10 is $ 599.

2022-01-06T10: 25: 50.963Z

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

(Image credit: Roborock)

I’ve wanted a robot hoover for a long time because I have a dog and it has fur and it goes anywhere. Unfortunately, I also have several flights of stairs in my house so it’s not really practical. However, if I did get one, I’d check out this list of our favorite robotic vacuums at CES 2022.

The big trend this year is improving hybrid vacuum cleaner designs. Some new robot vacuum cleaners can now rinse and clean the mop head in between and empty the dust container yourself – so you save yourself the hassle of doing it yourself.

the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is one of those models. A smart docking system and improved obstacle avoidance system really take it to the next level. However, this robot hoover comes at a steep price – $ 1,399.99.

2022-01-06T10: 16: 14.575Z

New intelligent bed Sleep Number 360

(Photo credit: sleep number)

Sleeping is great – even though CES is kind of in the way. Damn time difference between Vegas and London. Anyway, at CES 2022 there were some nice upgrades to the award-winning 360 Smart Bed range from smart mattress maker Sleep Number.

the new Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed monitors your general well-being and sleep health, and generates real-time suggestions to help you sleep better (presumably like, “Take off your Nintendo Switch right now, it’s 1:00 AM!”)

It even learns your snooze habits so it can recognize and warn you of “abnormal occurrences”.

2022-01-06T10: 08: 19.323Z

(Photo credit: Cyberpower)

Let’s start today by rounding up some of the highlights from yesterday – including an extremely weird PC case that breathes. Don’t believe me – check out the GIF above.

The case in question is this Kinetic gaming PC case from cyberpower, which has 18 triangular mechanical ventilation slots that open and close automatically depending on cooling needs. I’m honestly not sure if I should find it scary, cool, or both.

Cyberpower calls this “smart airflow,” and you can see it in action on YouTube. Unfortunately, there is no pricing or availability information yet, although Cyberpower says the Kinetic case is “coming soon”.

2022-01-06T08: 19: 23.924Z

The CES 2022 arch on day 3 of the event

(Photo credit: Consumer Technology Association)

Good morning and welcome to Tom’s Guide’s CES 2022 Live Blog Day 4.

Although many of the big events have already taken place, the CES schedule is still jam-packed with events and conferences. Of the 60 in today’s Running Order, there are sessions on everything from health to crypto to AI, esports and space travel. Plus food – quite a bit of it, with ‘The Future of Meat’ standing out as the most famous conference of today.

Anyway, we’ll keep an eye out for interesting things to do and also notify you of product announcements that you may have missed.


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