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Disabled car parking spaces to be created in St Albans

4:34 PM March 18, 2022

Six more disabled parking bays are to be provided in a St Albans City Center car park to improve access.

The blue-badge bay will be sited in Drovers Way car park, four on floor 2A and two on the top section. There will be easy access to the lifts.

In addition, six disabled bays will be installed in St Peter’s Street in place of a loading bay, subject to a public consultation.

The initiative by St Albans City and District Council is intended to improve access for disabled motorists to the City Centre’s shops, businesses and services.

It follows a review by the Council in partnership with the Access Forum for St Albans of disabled parking provision.

The Council will also be introducing two parking bays within its all its car parks for the use of Senior Citizen Parking Permit holders. These will be painted silver and marked for their exclusive use.

The aim is to provide dedicated bays close to exits for older people who may have mobility issues but are not eligible for a disabled badge.

In another change, the Council has started issuing Penalty Charge Notices by posting to motorists in certain circumstances.

This method is being used when a motorist prevents a Civil Enforcement Officer from serving the ticket by driving off before the action is completed or by some other way.

Councilor Anthony Rowlands, Chair of the Council’s Public Realm Committee, said: “We are always looking to improve our car parking services so they best meet the needs of our residents.

“Providing more disabled bays and creating new ones for senior citizens is in keeping with our strategy of enhancing accessibility to our City Centre.

“We want to ensure it remains a welcoming and vibrant place that all members of our community can visit with ease.”


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