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Drivers left baffled after learning of little-known compartment in car doors

A video showing a woman making the discovery has gone viral – as it captures he removing the plug and water pouring out the car door, leaving people blown away at the discovery

Many people didn’t know about the feature

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Drivers have been left baffled after discovering a new feature of their car doors – which they had no idea about.

A woman went viral after revealing the feature on TikTok – and racked up more than 22 million views as she showed off the tiny hole in the car door.

In the video, filmed by Sarah Blackbourn, she says she was made aware after researching why her sister’s car sounded like it had water in it.

After removing the plug, water comes pouring out – and someone says “Please drain your doors. Drain your doors people… c’mon.”

Many commentators were taken by surprise by the video, as many asked if it was real.

The video racked up 22m views



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One said: “Can’t tell if this is for real or y’all are playing along, and another replied: “It’s very real also need to drain your chassis rails sometimes.”

A third wrote: “I swear I learn something new every day!”. while another asked: “What… how come I have never heard about this???”

Water can get past window seals and inside the doors when it rains or when you wash your car, and the water is supposed to exit through holes at the bottom.

But these can get clogged up due to dirt or debris from the road – meaning they need to be drained. e

You can normally find them at the bottom of doors although they can also be found in other locations.

According to the automotive site, many vehicles will have drain panels in the rocker panels and rear quarter panels, both of which are located near the doors.

Vehicles can also have drain holes situated beneath the windshield and near the boat to keep water from collecting in these areas.

To test if you have a blockage, run a hose over the windshield, boots and doors – and see if the water drains properly.

If it collects or drains slowly, you may have a blockage. A garden hose might have enough pressure to blast the debris out of drain holes.

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