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Emmerdale’s Al will ‘die’ in horror car crash as fans ‘work out’ the culprit behind the foul play.

Emmerdale tonight aired scenes showing a mysterious figure cutting the brakes on Al Chapman’s cars, and fans have already discovered who was behind the sabotage

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Emmerdale: A mysterious person tampers with Al’s car in a dark scene

Emmerdale’s Al Chapman is at risk of dying in a horror car crash after his car’s brakes were sabotaged.

Scenes shown tonight at the end of the ITV soap revealed a mysterious figure dressed all in black approaching Al’s car. The person then opened the hood of the car and severed the brakes on the vehicle.

And now fans are convinced the worst could happen to Al and they’ve already predicted who is responsible for the foul.

Al was under increasing pressure from Gavin to get Chas to take over the pub so they could build a luxury development of houses on it – but their plans were initially put on hold when the Woolpack caught fire.

Than car was tampered with tonight



However, Gavin continues to put pressure on Al, who took the contract to Chas today and asked her to sign it. However, she declined after reading that he had reduced the price by £20,000 and that they would build over Grace’s memorial.

Angry, Chas refused to sign it, which created a big problem for Al as Gavin didn’t back down.

Now fans of the ITV soap are convinced they know who cut the brakes on his car.

The vehicle’s brakes were severed



“It was Cain who did this to Al’s Car #emmerdale,” one wrote, while a second added, “So Cain is cutting the breaks on Sly Al Car think we saw that before #Emmerdale.” A third shared: “Al vs. Cain #Emmerdale.”

However, other viewers believe Gavin was the one who sabotaged the car, as one wrote on social media: “I’m guessing it was Gavin who tampered with the brakes on Al’s car #Emmerdale.”

Gavin has been putting increasing pressure on Al lately, desperate to get the new housing development approved and operational.

What happens to Al when he gets behind the wheel?



In the scenes that aired last month, Gavin told Al, “The little bird on the council says things aren’t looking so good?”

“It’s just a little bump in the road, that’s it, I’ll sort it out!” Al replied while vowing to work things out.

Gavin then scowled from his car as he warned: “Only we think we’ve waited long enough, people have a lot of money to do with it. So you have to keep going. I’m a little sick of it.” All her talk. There are actions that we want now, appointments, a plan. You’d better do that because we’re not moving this to another year, work starts before January, got it? Well, I don’t ask, I’ll tell you!”

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